4 Qualities of an Ideal Service Desk Manager

Today every business needs a qualified IT staff who can handle each query from customers in different moods and circumstances. Your IT reps should know how to calm down a person with a bad mood and broken device or anything that caused that mood. And for that, you should be hiring a qualified service desk manager who would train the team to handle each kind of situation and keep the company’s reputation unaffected. So here are few qualities that make the service desk manager the right candidate to take charge of your IT department.

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Problem Solver:

The job role of a service desk manager requires handling different issues appearing in different shapes. So the right candidate should know how to handle each one before it rises to a greater extent that regular business activities suffer. When we talk about problems, they can be of any kind. For instance, having fewer worker than usual might also cause a problem in business activities to executive efficiently. Or it might be corrupted systems that need reinstallation or bug fix. So the right candidate for service desk manager’s post not only knows how to handle such situations but is ready to solve each issue as it shows up.

Team Leader:

The person you’ve hired or are going to hire for SDM’s position would have started his career at an entry level. Means that he would have faced managers with different personalities. An ideal SDM knows how important it is to lead people when we want to keep the service quality up to the mark. Because any personal conflict might cause loss to business’s integrity and reputation from the outer side. The manager is to lead not to act bossy only because leaders can turn each difficult situation into company’s favor. So the SDM you’ve hired should possess leadership qualities and should know about IT asset disposition market instead of taking credit himself for each achievement alone.

Doesn’t Neglect Weak Reps:

The ideal candidate for SDM’s position should not give up on representatives with poor performances. In a workplace, every staff member is important and should be considered as an asset to business. But hiring a new one and firing old staff is also a fact in practical life. So the ideal service desk manager should possess such qualities to work with people having poor performance on duty. He should motivate them to improve their monthly reports and suggest working ways to come over their issues before the company removes them off the staff.

Good Negotiator:

When we talk about an SDM, we talk about a person who deals with different bodies inside as well as outside of a business. He needs to handle not only a team consisting of several people but also deals with other people relating to a business like bosses, people with other departments and customers etc. So the person with SDM job role should be good at discussing different matters and negotiate things on favorable terms. His skills of being an excellent communicator will not only improve his chances of getting a bonus but will serve the company in many ways.

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