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Why Our Online Backup Service Is Simply The Best

Loss of data can negatively affect the operations of an organization. It is very damaging and if not checked, it may lead to collapse of the company. You can also register a big loss as an individual if you lose vital information in your PC. This therefore requires that data should be backed up.

Even though most people are used to backing up their data on computer hard disk which is subject to crushing, today there is a very safe way of doing it. This is called online backup. Online backup which is sometimes referred to as remote backup is an offsite data storage method where folders, files and the entire contents of hard drive are backed up on regular basis on a computer with a working internet connection or a remote server and hardware asset management if you want the best data recovery service in Edmonton, is here for you. tracetm

To begin with,

We have the best pricing plans for online back up services. We allow you to make a subscription e.g on monthly basis. You can also enter into a contract with us for 1 or 2 years so that you can benefit from our amazing offers. Our prices also depend on the number of PCs that you want to back up. If you want to save your money but still receive excellent service, we are the best fit for you.


We allow you to choose the specific files that you would like to back up based on your presences and what you consider as most important.


We use the best online backup services that can allow backup of different files from various sources. This includes folders from external as well as network drives. A good example of the service we use is Acronis True Image Cloud which lets you back up the whole of your hard drive thus giving you the best protection against any disaster that might affect your computer. This makes us your perfect choice.

Other backup service may restrict backing up data from external sources.

In addition, we provide the best security to your files and folders. This is done by encrypting them with strong systems like Blowfish and AES 256 before we send them to servers.

We use services such as SpiderOakOne which provides security and private option whereby you are the only one who owns and knows your password.

We also provide different levels of privacy and security  just to ensure that you data is safe and excellently protected from unauthorised persons.

Furthermore, we provide online backup service in two different ways depending on your choice. We do it on a fixed schedule such as daily, weekly or monthly basis. We also offer it on continuous basis.

Moreover, our online backup services have fast speeds hence great in performance. They can prep your files and transfer them to remote servers very fast. This makes tracetm Networks your number 1 choice.

Additionally, we offer extra services to our clients. For instance, we allow you to send an external disk full of data. This saves you from the hassle of backing up large amount of data worth several gigabytes.

In conclusion, it is quite clear that we offer exemplary online backup service that you will find in no other place. Choosing us is the best decision that you can make today if you value safety of your data. For more information about us, go to

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