The Ways to Optimize IT Infrastructure in The Shortest Possible Time

A complicated economic situation should have become the impetus for improving business performance. One of the ways to achieve the maximum business potential is the optimization of IT infrastructure costs and capabilities. This can be performed not only by reducing its maintenance costs, but also by investing in the improvement and modernization.

Optimize IT Infrastructure

IT support in Philadelphia haven’t undergone any transformations for a long period of time. This phenomenon led to a significant increase in the cost and risk to the existence of the companies in the new changing environment with high competition, struggle for each client and the need to quickly process, protect, and analyze large data streams.

The companies owning an extensive network of branches and representative offices are seeking to optimize their IT infrastructure through preserving data in the cloud. This method helps not only to build up common information space, but also to cope with periodic peak loads. Another trend in IT optimization today is the transfer of functions to service and maintenance of the efficiency of IT resources. There are some other functions such as printing, document storage and outsourcing.

Generally, IT optimization can be introduced to life in two leading ways:

paradigm shift (new technologies, new approaches to solving problems, changing business landscape)

increase of efficiency. Optimization of IT infrastructure in the context of efficiency, as a rule, includes the implementation of systems for monitoring projects that are independent completely.

However, now there exist three approaches to optimization and improvement of IT-system’s capabilities:

optimizing the configuration of operating systems, hardware, databases, integration gateways and other system components responsible for processing speed, data storage and transmission;

the use of products from the third vendors, which are installed on the top of existing infrastructure completely transparent (that is, without affecting its architecture and components). This method allows you to optimize and improve the performance of individual subsystems, such as database or communication channels.

the use of a pre-defined vendor of specialized software and hardware to replace existing sections of the customer IT-infrastructure. Such solutions tend to significantly increase the productivity and raise the speed to the height unattainable previously.

The latest tendencies about IT infrastructure optimization include more active use of both public and private “clouds”. They allow using the existing fleet of IT-infrastructure more effectively; reduce total cost of ownership, and ensure the availability of the necessary computing power during peak loads. Another trend marked by the representatives of IT companies is an increasing interest in desktop virtualization.

Another trend in optimization, according to the data of IT Infrastructure & Security Summit 2016, is IT audit. IT audit allows the evaluation of the existing IT infrastructure and IT systems and can be based on the analysis and recommendations of generated based proposals, taking into account the business goals of your company.

In what specific cases is IT audit necessary?

IT audit is required for expansion or business reorganization;

IT audit is required for the transfer to outsourcing;

IT audit is required for expansion or reorganization of IT services;

IT audit is required if the business expectations of IT don’t the services provided by IT.

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