About Us

Founded in the early years of the information age, our news content website has all the skills not taught by any education institution but acquired through the tough process that resulted in our growth. Because of our earthquake defying foundation, we keep noticing our original content being the basis for our competitor’s articles. We work from a free office where even a two days joined member’s opinion are considered right next to the founding editor’s suggestions, this has allowed our company to avoid the stagnance that other companies find themselves in as the years pile up on them.

Unlike other content websites that wait for the action to happen, we are usually the first to cover breaking news in the latest technology that we end up using widely in providing better content experience.

Having grown so much, our near 100 staff writers and technology news researchers handle the crucial job of fresh updates on an hourly basis when necessary to keep our ever-growing readers from going to other sources for the latest updates. The fact that we are still in operation after close to twenty years of active publishing just goes to confirm that all our efforts are working as expected.

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